Everything Hugh Jackman Has Said About His Sexuality


Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, despite being married for 27 years, have faced persistent rumors about Jackman’s sexuality. The couple announced their separation in September, citing a decision to pursue individual growth. The rumors about Jackman being gay have circulated for years, with the actor often addressing them with humor and indifference.

Jackman has openly discussed the rumors, joking in 2009 that gay rumors are part of becoming a star and not an interesting conversation. He mentioned that he doesn’t waste time denying the rumors because it doesn’t make a difference, and he doesn’t care about people’s opinions. Jackman expressed concern for Furness, noting that she finds it frustrating not to have a voice in the situation.

In 2018, Jackman attributed the rumors to his portrayal of Peter Allen, a character engaged in a same-sex relationship, in the Broadway musical “The Boy From Oz.” Despite the constant speculation, Jackman has remained composed and unbothered by the rumors. Furness, too, has addressed the gossip, stating that if Jackman were gay, he would be open and proud about it.


Despite the couple’s lengthy marriage and public statements debunking the rumors, the speculation about Jackman’s sexuality continues. Both Jackman and Furness have expressed their frustration with the persistent and untrue stories surrounding their relationship and personal lives.