Every ‘Spy x Family’ ending song so far!


The anime adaptation of Spy x Family, which debuted in 2022, has quickly become a favorite here at We Got This Covered. Despite having only two seasons (so far), the show consistently impresses us with its well-developed characters, humor, and, notably, its exceptional music.

As with any noteworthy anime, Spy x Family features standout opening and ending songs that we find ourselves humming along to in every episode. Not only are the songs themselves fantastic, but the accompanying animated sequences are visually stunning, making it hard to justify skipping them, no matter how eager we are for the next episode.

What sets the songs in Spy x Family apart is how they thematically tie in with the events of the show, which further endears them to us. Across its two seasons, the anime has featured three distinct ending songs. Let’s explore them in the order of their first appearance:



Ending 1: “Comedy” by Gen Hoshino

“Comedy” serves as Spy x Family’s inaugural ending theme and arguably stands out as the most popular. The song’s cheerful lyrics, celebrating the joy found in ordinary, everyday moments spent with a loved one, perfectly align with the anime’s tone. The artist behind this track, singer and actor Gen Hoshino, is a fitting choice for an anime centered around a fake marriage, given his role in the live-action series “The Full-Time Wife Escapist,” where his character enters into a contract marriage. In a curious turn of events, Hoshino later married his love interest from the show, actress Yui Aragaki, in real life in 2021. While it remains to be seen if a similar fate awaits the Forgers, we can certainly hope!


Ending 2: “Color” by Yama

The second ending theme made its debut later in the first season. “Color” is a song that emphasizes making the most of even the challenging times in life and recognizing that life is a tapestry woven with various hues, both bright and somber. Sung by the enigmatic artist Yama, who has chosen to keep their name and gender a mystery to place focus on their music.


Ending 3: “Finishing Strike” by Vaundy (feat. Cory Wong)

“Finishing Strike” marks the conclusion of Spy x Family’s second season, as well as being the third ending overall. The song revolves around the hope for a future with a loved one, even when faced with the reality of being on separate and perilous paths (which notably mirrors a certain fake couple’s predicament). The singer behind this piece, Vaundy, embarked on his musical journey in 2019 as an independent artist, quickly gaining recognition. His debut album reached number 5 on the Oricon Albums Chart, and he’s contributed songs for works like “Chainsaw Man” and “One Piece Film: Red.”