European Union top diplomat strongly condemns Israel’s plans of new settlement in West Bank


The European Union’s Foreign Policy chief has condemned Israel’s plan of allocating new money for expanding the settlement in the West Bank.

“I’m appalled to learn that in the middle of a war, the Israeli government is poised to commit new funds to build more illegal settlements,” Josep Borrell said earlier.

He added that the violence being spread by the extremist settlers in the region, who will be protected by the Israeli police will “not make Israel feel safer.”


He also went on to label the settlements as country’s “greatest security liability.”

The statement made by Borrell is considered to be quite strong, considering he is one of the EU’s top diplomat. Usually the institution opts for a more of a diplomatic approach while leaving the tough political statements to individual states.

The diplomat also condemned what he described as the “disproportionate” killing of civilians in Gaza.

He detailed that turning more than half of Gaza in rubble and depriving its civilians of basic needs, and needless to mention the killing of more than 5,000 children in the region is considered as “unacceptable” by majority of the public opinion around the world.