Endometriosis and Exercise: Navigating Fitness Challenges and Solutions


Endometriosis, a condition affecting approximately one in ten women in the UK, brings with it a host of debilitating symptoms including painful periods, fatigue, and infertility. Despite its prevalence, diagnosing endometriosis often takes an average of eight years, leaving many women to suffer without proper intervention. This condition, characterized by the growth of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus outside the womb, has no definitive cause or cure, and treatment options vary from pain relief to surgery. Beyond the physical toll, endometriosis can disrupt daily activities and even exercise routines.

Personal trainer Stef Williams, popularly known as Stef Fit, is no stranger to the challenges of endometriosis. On her worst days, she experiences “stabbing, crippling pains,” illustrating the immense discomfort that comes with the condition. Stef’s journey to maintain her fitness routine despite endometriosis led her to discover the lack of consistent advice available online or from medical professionals.

Dr. Sharon Dixon, a GP and researcher at the University of Oxford, emphasizes that while concrete evidence may be limited, exercise can still play a role in managing endometriosis symptoms and reducing pain.


Stef’s experience underscores the importance of finding adaptable exercise solutions. She recommends incorporating gentle activities like walks, which can have a positive impact on even the most exhausting days. Stef’s pursuit of softer exercise forms like Pilates and yoga offers women alternative ways to stay active without exacerbating their symptoms. Her own journey has also demonstrated that patience is key, particularly when navigating post-surgery restrictions.

Stef encourages women with endometriosis to embrace a holistic approach to fitness, allowing room for both challenging days and those filled with progress. Despite the difficulties posed by the condition, Stef’s journey offers inspiration and practical insights for individuals seeking to maintain an active lifestyle while managing the effects of endometriosis.