Emily in Paris Stars Ashley Park and Paul Forman Spotted Holding hands at exclusive Hollywood event

The duo, yet to confirm a romantic relationship, attend The Hollywood Reporter’s beauty dinner together


The stars of Netflix’s hit series “Emily in Paris,” Ashley Park and Paul Forman, have set tongues wagging as they attended The Hollywood Reporter’s Beauty Dinner as a pair. The couple, who have yet to confirm their romantic status, were seen enjoying each other’s company and displaying some subtle public displays of affection.

Ashley Park, aged 32, and Paul Forman, aged 29, made quite an entrance as they arrived together at the exclusive event. Throughout the evening, they didn’t shy away from holding hands, adding fuel to ongoing rumors about their relationship.

The reason for Park’s presence at the event was to support her hairstylist Clayton Hawkins and makeup artist Jenna Nicole, both of whom were in attendance. She also took the opportunity to introduce Forman to other guests, and the duo was seen mingling with fellow attendees.


As of now, representatives for both Park and Forman have chosen not to comment on the status of their relationship. However, their closeness and frequent public appearances together have left fans and the media speculating about whether there might be more to their connection.

In the show “Emily in Paris,” Ashley Park has been portraying the character of Mindy Chen since season 1. In season 3, Paul Forman, a French actor, joined the series as Nicolas de Léon, becoming the love interest of Park’s character. Their on-screen chemistry has endeared them to fans, and off-screen, their interactions have only added to the intrigue.

While Park and Forman haven’t officially confirmed their romantic involvement, Ashley Park has been candid about their off-screen friendship. Her Instagram often features photos of the duo at various events, with the latest being captioned “breakfast at tiffanys or nightcap at @kilianparis?” The series of pictures showed them relaxing on a green couch, with other friends present at the gathering.

Paul Forman has been equally forthcoming about their relationship, using social media to share moments with Park. His posts have included a Merry Christmas wish and photos of their joint appearance at a Flowerbomb perfume event in New York City.

The speculation surrounding their relationship continues to captivate fans, making Ashley Park and Paul Forman a topic of interest both on and off the screen.