Emily In Paris Season 4 Plot: What To Expect In The New Season?


The third season of Emily in Paris was just published on December 21, and the cliffhanger finale has fans excited to find out what happens next. The third season was back, offering a combination of high fashion and drama as Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, had to decide between two significant employment prospects as well as love interests.

When the third season of Emily in Paris was revealed, the fourth season had already been renewed, so it appears like viewers won’t have to wait too long for the upcoming instalment to be available on the streaming service. The show’s continuation for two more seasons was announced in January 2021. While the first season of the programme became popular during the pandemic, the second and third seasons were successful in getting released over the Christmas season as viewers’ go-to pick for light entertainment. Here is a summary of what we currently know about the fourth season.


Emily In Paris Season 4 Plot: What To Expect In The New Season?


The Emily in Paris television series is a Parisian fantasy come true for those enthusiastic Francophones who enjoy immersing themselves in the city’s fashion, couture, and cuisines. The Chicago-born marketing expert Emily Cooper, who was dispatched to the City Of Love to give French businesses an American viewpoint, lets you experience the maze-like streets of Paris while wearing her Chicago boots. We were sure after watching the first season that Parisians do not want to stray from their traditions to accept any new perspective. Anyone who crosses them suffers significant social repercussions, and they flourish in their current state.

Emily’s life changes as she starts to soak up the delicious sauces of the Parisian perspective and develops into a more understanding person, savouring the flavour of another viewpoint without forcing her own.

Season 4’s storyline twist was discussed in an interview with TVGuide by the show’s creator, Darren Star, who stated: “Season 4 is going to be more about navigating complicated relationships; personal relationships and work relationships, and how they come into conflict with each other…”

Speaking of, Camille’s pregnancy with Gabriel’s child was the main cliffhanger reveal that left us in a state of shock. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Darren Star said that it might take some time before Camille’s child will appear on the programme. He stated:

“It’s very clear in season 3 that it’s a big dream of [Gabriel’s]. He wants to be a father and I think he was excited and is excited about the idea of fatherhood, but you know, our show doesn’t move that quickly.”

He also talked about how confusing it was to introduce the baby in season 4 itself. He did, however, add that the people in the story will “deal with the prospect of the baby.” Therefore, it appears that Camille will most likely continue to be pregnant throughout Season 4, and the story’s developing elements will centre on the relationships around the pregnancy.

In addition, when chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Lucien Laviscount revealed more about the possibilities of his character in the forthcoming episode of the programme. He clarified, “I’d like Alfie to kind of take a little bit more of a stand within the company with Antoine, that’d be cool. Maybe have a little bit of speaking to with the good ole Nicolas, I think that that’d be quite a nice little thing to play with within the business, the two businesses kind of fighting off each other.”

In another interview with The Wrap, the show’s creator, Darren Star, provided insights about Emily’s character journey in reference to her career. He stated: “Emily’s attitude about work or her competitive nature, it’s certainly affected the work culture at Sylvie’s company and I think Julien feels sidelined a little bit because Emily’s always about being the loudest voice in the room. I think that’s something that really offends Julien in a sense because I feel like he does get steamrolled by Emily. Emily’s by no means a perfect character and I think Emily has to be more graceful in terms of work, but I think she’s done some damage that we’re going to see the fallout from in season four with Julien.”

If you have a Netflix account, you may binge watch the prior seasons of the show there in the interim.