Emily Blunt and Chris Evans team up in first look at Netflix’s “Pain Hustlers”

The upcoming fall release challenges hollywood character norms


Netflix is set to deliver a captivating cinematic experience this fall with “Pain Hustlers,” starring the dynamic duo of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans. The film promises to challenge traditional Hollywood character norms and shed light on a gripping real-life story that captivated audiences.

“Pain Hustlers”: A Synopsis
The inception of “Pain Hustlers” can be traced back to August 2021 when Sony Pictures announced its ambitious project based on the New York Times Magazine article penned by Evan Hughes, titled “The Pain Hustlers.” The article delved into the shocking transformation of a healthcare company into a colossal fraud scheme, unraveling the intricacies of the elaborate deception.

Hughes subsequently expanded his article into a book, “The Hard Sell,” which saw the light of day in January 2022. Four months after its publication, Emily Blunt enthusiastically joined the movie project. Netflix promptly acquired the rights to the film, making a substantial investment of around $50 million in the compelling narrative.


A Stellar Cast
Throughout the summer of 2022, “Pain Hustlers” continued to bolster its ensemble cast, securing talents such as the seasoned Andy Garcia, the iconic Catherine O’Hara, the versatile Jay Duplass, the renowned Brian D’Arcy James, and the emerging star Chloe Coleman. Production commenced in August 2022, igniting anticipation for the film’s scheduled release in the upcoming fall season of 2023.

First Look: Character Posters
Netflix recently offered a tantalizing glimpse of the film with the release of the first character posters on social media. Chris Evans’s poster showcases his character, Pete Brenner, donning a sharp suit with a loosened tie. The striking caption reads, “YOUR PAIN IS HIS PAY.” Emily Blunt’s poster exudes glamour, portraying her character, Liza Drake, bedecked in hoop earrings and a necklace boldly declaring “Pain Hustlers” at its center. Her poster intriguingly proclaims, ‘SHE DEALS YOUR PAIN.’

World Premiere and Release
Anticipation for “Pain Hustlers” continues to mount as the film gears up for its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. Following this highly anticipated debut, the movie is scheduled for a theatrical release on October 20th, poised to captivate cinema audiences. Netflix subscribers can mark their calendars for October 27th, when “Pain Hustlers” will become available on the streaming platform.

This release strategy mirrors Netflix’s successful approach from the previous year, notably with “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” which enjoyed a brief theatrical run before thrilling audiences on the streaming giant. As “Pain Hustlers” challenges character norms and offers a fresh perspective on storytelling, it’s set to be a defining moment in the world of cinema.