Emergency doctor provides critical care amid devastating Maui wildfires

Doctor’s mobile clinic offers aid and medical assistance to wildfire victims


As the destructive wildfires raged through Maui, Dr. Reza Danesh, a board-certified emergency physician, mobilized his medical clinic to provide essential care to those affected by the disaster. The wildfires, fueled by strong winds, have caused widespread devastation, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. Amid the chaos, Dr. Danesh’s mobile clinic, known as MODO Mobile Doctors, became a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with health issues stemming from the fire’s aftermath.

Upon learning about the wildfires, Dr. Danesh quickly equipped his mobile clinic with medical supplies, antibiotics, food, and water. He headed to the affected area of Lahaina, where the fires had caused extensive destruction. Over the course of 14 hours, Dr. Danesh tirelessly transported individuals to evacuation shelters, administered medical treatment in his mobile clinic, and assisted with the triage of evacuees.

Dr. Danesh encountered a range of patients, including those with critical burns, asthma, and other chronic health conditions aggravated by the smoke and stress of the situation. Many evacuees had lost their homes, and Dr. Danesh provided not only medical care but also a source of comfort during a time of crisis.


Despite the challenges and heart-wrenching stories he encountered, Dr. Danesh remained dedicated to his mission of assisting the “wounded well.” He distributed antibiotics and inhalers to address eye infections and respiratory issues caused by smoke inhalation.

The wildfires, which have devastated parts of Maui and the Big Island, have prompted a massive response from healthcare providers, emergency services, and community members. Maui Memorial Medical Center, the region’s primary hospital, has treated numerous patients, including those with fire-related injuries, respiratory problems, and trauma resulting from the evacuations.

The fires have exposed vulnerabilities in the local healthcare infrastructure, with urgent care clinics and pharmacies being destroyed or heavily damaged. Dr. Danesh’s mobile clinic played a crucial role in bridging the gap and providing much-needed medical assistance to those in need.

As the situation remains dire, healthcare providers like Dr. Danesh continue to step up to offer their expertise and support. The devastation caused by the wildfires serves as a stark reminder of the importance of preparedness, community resilience, and the dedication of healthcare professionals in times of crisis.