Elon Musk’s unexpected appeal to Taylor Swift: A bid to revamp X’s image?

The owner of X (Formerly Twitter) makes a desperate plea to the pop icon for help


In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), extended an unexpected appeal to Taylor Swift, seeking assistance to potentially rejuvenate the tarnished reputation of the social media platform. Taylor Swift, an international pop sensation, is currently gearing up for the highly anticipated release of her album “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” on October 27th, marking the ninth anniversary of the original album’s release.

Swift’s devoted fanbase, known as Swifties, has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation for this new release. Taylor Swift has meticulously built up enthusiasm for the album through an elaborate teaser campaign, engaging her fans in deciphering puzzles that reveal the titles of unreleased tracks. Recently, she shared these titles and back cover images on social media, expressing her excitement for the upcoming album launch.

However, amid this excitement, Elon Musk took a surprising step and sent a tweet to Taylor Swift, suggesting that she post music or concert videos directly on the X platform, which is currently grappling with various legal issues, particularly relating to copyright infringement. Musk’s tweet lacked a specific reason as to why Swift, a globally successful artist, should consider posting on X.


“I recommend posting some music or concert videos directly on the X platform,” mentioned Musk in his tweet.

Taylor Swift, known for her strategic social media interactions and engagements with her fans, has not responded to Musk’s suggestion as of now. Some fans of Taylor Swift were quick to react, with one fan humorously noting, “She’s so powerful she has a literal billionaire looking for clout from her,” while another fan succinctly expressed, “No one asked, babe.”

Despite Musk’s aspirations to leverage Swift’s enormous star power to benefit the platform, it remains uncertain whether this recommendation will significantly impact X’s standing. The platform is currently entangled in legal battles, particularly with the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and its members, over alleged copyright infringement involving over 1,700 songs. X, uniquely among major social media platforms, does not possess a music licensing agreement, setting it apart in a contentious legal landscape.