Elon Musk makes damage control trip to Israel post anti-semitic comment row


Elon Musk is seeking to do damage control amid an advertising pullout over antisemitic remarks he made on his platform X, the controversial social media app, which was once known as Twitter, that was bought by billionaire last year.

The Tesla founder took a trip to Israel’s kibbutz, which was attacked by Hamas on October 7, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as his guide.

The Israeli government published photos of Musk’s visit, saying that he was shown a residence where a Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council chair was killed on the morning of the attack, during exchange of gunfire.


Netanyahu also took Musk to another residence to share the story of 4-year-old Israeli American girl, whose parents were killed at the hands of Hamas, who later abducted her and was taken to Gaza.

The trip, which seemed like a state visit, was not without controversy. Critics of Netanyahu basked the Israeli leader and Musk for the image rehabilitation effort.

Few days earlier, the tech and media mogul sparked huge controversy with a social media post that appeared to be touting the “great replacement theory” that Jewish people and American elites are planning onto replace white American population with nonwhite immigrants.