Elon Musk accuses Mark Zuckerberg of ‘chickening out’ of their UFC fight


Elon Musk blamed Mark Zuckerberg for being the reason behind their fight fell through.

Musk and Zuckerberg had agreed to fight one another earlier year, however, things fizzled out after latter accused Musk of not taking things seriously. However, that’s not how he feels thing went, though.

“He chickened out,” said the X, formerly known as Twitter, owner on The Joe Rogan Experience. “Yeah, he chickened out.”


“Italy actually was willing to let us use the Colosseum,” he continued. He said that he wouldn’t have allowed too many ads and UFC branding on the Colosseum, as it is a historical place, which cannot be treated like NASCAR.

Tesla founder explained that Zuck wanted to have UFC rules, to which Musk claims to have been agreed.

“He accused me of not being serious. And I said, ‘Listen, at the end of the day, I’ll fight you any place, anywhere under any rules.”

Musk is still convinced that he would easily beat Zuck, who is climbing his way up the BJJ ranks with daily private lessons. Musk said that he is much bigger than Zuck, which would be unfair towards Meta founder.