Elden Ring Gamer Uncovers Unexpected Pumpkin Head Attack After 1,000 Hours of Gameplay


The Elden Ring community is no stranger to uncovering rare and surprising interactions within the game. Recently, an Elden Ring player named MidnightLess882 shared a video capturing a unique encounter with a Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head, showcasing a rarely seen sequence where the enemy performs a riposte-like maneuver against the player while riding a horse.

In the 14-second clip, the player initiates an attack from behind while mounted on a horse, landing the first strike against the Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head. Unexpectedly, the enemy retaliates by executing what appears to be a riposte move, knocking the player off the horse. Following this, the Pumpkin Head continues the assault, executing two headbutts against the grounded player, resulting in enough damage to swiftly eliminate the character.

This particular sequence of moves delivered by the Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head is not commonly witnessed by the majority of Elden Ring players. While the Mad Pumpkin Head typically attacks players with its weapon or headbutts when approached closely, this specific riposte combo seems to occur when certain enemies manage to dismount a player.


MidnightLess882’s post gained significant attention within the Elden Ring subreddit, garnering over 1,800 upvotes and sparking discussions among the community. Many players expressed surprise, confirming they had never encountered this exact interaction before. Some speculated that this riposte combo may occur when specific enemies succeed in dismounting a mounted player, highlighting a potential drawback in mounted combat within Elden Ring despite its advantages.

Elden Ring continues to astound players even after extensive gameplay, with gamers frequently discovering rare enemy interactions and uncovering hidden details, showcasing the depth and complexity of the game. Similar instances of rare encounters, like enemies engaging in combat amongst themselves, have been previously discovered by dedicated players who invest hundreds of hours into exploring the game’s vast world and intricate mechanics.