Eileen Davidson’s Seldom-Seen Son Jesse Is Now All Grown Up!


When Eileen Davidson and Vincent Van Patten exchanged vows in April 2003, she not only became his wife but also embraced the role of stepmother to his two sons, Richard and Vincent Van Patten Jr. Just a month after their nuptials, the couple welcomed their own bundle of joy, Jesse Van Patten. While the “Days of Our Lives” stars have generally kept Jesse away from the glare of the spotlight, today, he stands as a mature young adult.

Although Jesse wasn’t exactly raised in the public eye, his parents haven’t shied away from sharing glimpses of their lives with him and his half-brothers. This includes heartwarming throwback snapshots posted on Instagram and occasional interviews. In a 2018 interview with Closer, Davidson playfully remarked how Jesse was a bit thrown off by the older boys leaving home, remarking, “Now that the boys have left, he’s so sad: ‘Mom, it’s like crickets here.'”

Fast forward to the present, Jesse has transitioned into adulthood himself. As revealed on his Instagram, he’s inherited endearing qualities from both his mom and dad.


Following in the footsteps of Vincent Van Patten, known not only for his acting but also his prowess in tennis and pickleball, Jesse Van Patten exhibits a strong affinity for sports. Evidence lies in Jesse’s Instagram account, where running features as one of his foremost passions.

According to Athletic Net, Jesse’s dedication to running dates back to his high school years. Proud mother Eileen Davidson disclosed in a 2021 Instagram post that he held the record for his high school’s 800-meter race. Several years later, he’s continued this pursuit as a collegiate athlete. However, despite his evident talent in running, a May 2023 Instagram post showcased Jesse’s candid acknowledgment of facing some setbacks. He shared, “Although it may seem that from the outside I am always positive and motivated, I found it hard to stay positive during the times where my goals would not be achieved over a certain time.”

Despite these challenges, it’s evident that the youngest of the Van Patten clan remains unwavering in his dedication to his passion. His Instagram posts document his commitment, from rain-soaked runs to early morning treadmill sessions post-concert.

Jesse Van Patten’s creative streak isn’t confined to athletics alone. Much like his parents, he possesses a keen creative flair. His Instagram bio proudly declares his love for video editing.

Given Jesse’s inclination toward editing over acting, it aligns with his mother Eileen Davidson’s earlier insights shared with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. While acknowledging his natural acting abilities, she humorously noted that Jesse might not take kindly to being directed. “He is a natural, but he’s the kind of person, if you ever try to give him direction, he’d flip you off and run the other way, so I don’t see it in the cards for him,” she quipped.

Today, Jesse melds his twin passions into a venture that’s entirely under his control: his YouTube channel, “Jessemaroorox Running.” Unsurprisingly, he enjoys the full support of his parents, who frequently feature in his videos, offering words of encouragement or capturing moments from his training sessions. The Davidson-Van Patten family isn’t just a talented bunch; they’re also an incredibly supportive unit.