Eggo Unveils ‘House of Pancakes’ in Gatlinburg: A Flapjack Lover’s Dream Getaway

Celebrate National Pancake Day with a Stay at Eggo’s Pancake-Themed Rental


In celebration of National Pancake Day, Eggo has introduced a unique vacation rental experience that promises to delight flapjack enthusiasts of all ages. The brand, renowned for its frozen waffles, has transformed a house in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, into the whimsical Eggo House of Pancakes, offering guests an immersive journey into the world of breakfast delights.

Situated in Gatlinburg, often hailed as the Pancake Capital of the South, the Eggo House of Pancakes beckons visitors with its charming design elements inspired by the beloved breakfast staple. From a stick-of-butter-shaped chimney to breakfast-themed decor adorning every corner, the house exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a pancake paradise.

Available for rent on HomeToGo, the Eggo House of Pancakes promises an unforgettable stay filled with pancake-themed delights. Guests will marvel at the maple syrup fountain, indulge in a game of pancake-themed pool table, and delight in a freezer stocked with an assortment of Eggo pancakes, ensuring a breakfast experience like no other.


Joe Beauprez, Senior Director of Marketing for Frozen Foods at Kellanova, expressed excitement about the unique collaboration, emphasizing Eggo’s commitment to offering families a memorable and hassle-free vacation experience. By providing guests with a deliciously fun house, Eggo aims to make spring break planning a breeze for parents while celebrating pancakes as a breakfast favorite.

Partnering with HomeToGo, a leading vacation rental platform, Eggo ensures a seamless booking process, allowing guests to easily secure their stay at the Eggo House of Pancakes. Danielle Finch, Director of Customer Experience at HomeToGo, emphasized the company’s dedication to making vacation planning as delightful as the trips themselves, noting the shared love for pancakes that inspired the partnership.

With bookings available on a rolling basis through March, interested renters can embark on a pancake-filled adventure by reserving their stay at the Eggo House of Pancakes through HomeToGo’s website. Whether seeking a unique family getaway or a whimsical retreat with friends, Eggo’s pancake-themed rental promises a memorable and delicious experience for all.