Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Asia Tour: A Harmonious Equation of Music and Math Unveiled

The musical maestro’s +–=÷× tour to enchant Asian audiences from Tokyo to Mumbai


Ed Sheeran, the British singer-songwriter renowned for his chart-topping hits and captivating live performances, is set to embark on his +–=÷× Asia Tour, enthralling fans across the continent. This musical journey will weave its way through Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent from January 27, 2024, to March 16, 2024, presenting an unmissable opportunity for music enthusiasts to experience his magic.

The +–=÷× Asia Tour is a captivating extension of Sheeran’s ongoing tour, which commenced on April 23, 2022. While this tour will continue to showcase Sheeran’s exceptional solo talents that include live looping and rapping, there’s an exciting twist – he will be joined by a band for the first time. This adds a new dimension to the performances that fans eagerly anticipate.

The tour’s schedule unfolds a captivating journey, with the following dates and locations:


– Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan: January 27, 2024
– Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan: January 31, 2024
– Kaohsiung National Stadium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan: February 3, 2024
– Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand: February 10, 2024
– National Stadium, Singapore: February 16, 2024
– Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: February 24, 2024
– Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia: March 2, 2024
– SMDC Festival Grounds, Manila, Philippines: March 9, 2024
– Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai, India: March 16, 2024

As anticipation soared for the release of Ed Sheeran’s 2024 tour tickets, the day has arrived, and eager fans are encouraged to register on the singer’s official website to secure their spots. Tickets for the +–=÷× Asia Tour will be available through Ed Sheeran’s official website, Ticketmaster, and authorized ticket dealers.

So, why the name “Mathematics Tour”? Ed Sheeran has a penchant for naming his albums after math symbols, and this time, he’s extending the equation to his tour. Similar to Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour,” Sheeran introduced his North American +–=÷× Tour, humorously pronounced the “Mathematics Tour,” as a collective celebration of all his musical albums to date. The tour’s unveiling included a witty math-class sketch that culminated with the word “subtract,” setting the stage for an unforgettable musical journey.

With Ed Sheeran’s first stadium tour in five years, now reaching Asian shores, fans are poised to be serenaded with the magic of music and mathematics in perfect harmony.