Early access launch of fantasy MMO Wayfinder marred by server troubles and gameplay disruptions


The Early Access release of the fantasy action MMO “Wayfinder,” developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Digital Extremes, has encountered severe turbulence as the game’s servers grapple with unexpected demand. The launch, priced at $20 with a future plan for free-to-play, has left players frustrated due to extensive wait times and connectivity issues. The sheer influx of players overwhelmed the game’s infrastructure, causing lengthy queues and repeated disconnections. Reports include players being unable to access the game even after waiting for hours in the queue.

Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes expressed regret for the botched launch, acknowledging their failure to meet player expectations and attributing the issues to the unanticipated volume of players. Despite the challenging start, both companies emphasized their commitment to maintaining an open dialogue with the community throughout the Early Access phase. The anticipated fantasy MMO had received promising previews for its co-op gameplay and replayable adventures, making the rocky launch a setback for developers with a successful track record in the gaming industry.