‘Dublin is safe’ says Irish PM Varadkar as police makes 34 arrests following the night of riots


Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Friday said that it was safe to return to Dublin city center after the police has arrested at least 34 people following the night of rioting that was triggered by the stabbing of three young children in the street.

The Irish police have warned that further violence could follow after rioters smashed up windows, set fire to buses, police cars, and a tram, and also clashed with the officers in violence rarely seen in the capital city.

Shoppers and tourists returned on Black Friday morning, walking past police officers guarding looted stores in big numbers. They were also patrolling the streets and the burnt vehicles were removed from the site.


In a news conference, Varadkar said, “Those involved brought shame on Dublin, brought shame on Ireland and brought shame on their families and themselves.” He added that it is safe to return to the city as the riot occurred in only a small part of it, and was contained within hours.

A five-year-old girl remained in critical condition on Friday following emergency treatment for serious injuries due to stabbing.

Police have said that they have not yet ruled out any motive, including terror-related. They have also not revealed the nationality of the man detained in connection to the stabbing, however, there was immediate speculation that he was foreign.