Dua Lipa Teases Upcoming Song on Social Media


Grammy-winning artist Dua Lipa has once again surprised and captivated her vast following of 88.6 million on Instagram, giving them a tantalizing glimpse into her highly anticipated new song. She shared a short clip showcasing her trademark style, featuring close-up visuals of her vibrant new red hair, holding a key in her mouth, with a snippet of the new song playing in the background. While the lyrics remain ambiguous, this teaser has certainly piqued interest and created quite a buzz among her fans, amassing around 1.1 million likes within a few hours.

Many observant fans have speculated that the cryptic captions in the post might be fragments of the song’s lyrics. Lipa had previously shared a picture with a key in her mouth on Instagram, which has since been removed but can be found on other platforms, along with the caption, “catch me or I go…” This further supports the belief that the release of the new single may be imminent, as these phrases likely provide clues about what fans can anticipate from the track.

Earlier this month, Lipa, 28, started building anticipation for her eagerly awaited third album, a project that has been in development for several years. She revamped her social media layout and music video thumbnails with new-era visuals. Overnight, she cleared her entire photo feed of over 1,500 images and changed her profile picture from the “Future Nostalgia” album cover to an unreleased kaleidoscopic blue image, which can still be found on her other accounts.


This move sent her fans into a frenzy, eagerly awaiting what’s in store for this groundbreaking artist. To add more certainty, Lipa shared album details in a recent profile interview with the New York Times Magazine. She confirmed that her next album is slated for release in 2024, assuring fans that she’s committed to meeting this deadline.

Regarding the musical direction of Lipa’s latest work, she’s delving into “1970s-era psychedelia.” She reassures her fans that while her sound is evolving, she won’t stray too far from her pop roots to avoid causing any distress. She emphasized that she doesn’t want to “alienate” her fanbase, even as she explores a new sound possibly influenced more by 1970s-era psychedelia than the house and disco beats of her previous hits like “Physical” and “Hallucinate.”

Lipa hinted at the album being more personal but remained coy about any potential collaboration with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, dismissing the rumor with a playful denial. Mark Ronson, who has heard Lipa’s third album, praised it as “incredible.”

In an interview, Ronson discussed Lipa’s contribution to the Barbie soundtrack with ‘Dance The Night,’ and hinted at the upcoming music from the singer. He interpreted the disco ball smashing in the music video as a symbol of Lipa confidently moving on from that era of her music to whatever comes next.

In an interview with Vogue, Lipa shared her growth and maturity both sonically and thematically. She expressed a newfound confidence in addressing various subjects, marking a significant evolution in her artistic journey.