Dramatic footage shows Hezbollah drone bombard north Israel


Dramatic video footage captured the moment a Hezbollah “suicide” done darted across the Lebanese border into the northern Israel, on Tuesday, narrowly missing an encampment.

The clip, posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, by Emanuel Fabian, a military correspondent for the Times of Israel, provides a front-row view of the ongoing skirmishes between Israel and Iran-backed militant groups, as the two have earlier exchanged gun fire during the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

In the video, the buzzing drone can be heard whirling closer to the person filming the footage moments before an explosion is heard nearby.


Throughout the clip, the continuous gun fire from the Israeli troops can also be heard in the background.

The drone targeted the Israeli troops a day after an Israeli airstrike had claimed life of a TV correspondent and her photographer working in Lebanon, according to the Lebanese information minister and the network that employed the journalists.

Hezbollah has been repeatedly warned by Israel and U.S. against entering the war between Israel and Hamas, since it began on October 7.