Drake possibly disses ex Rihanna in his latest album: ‘The sex with you was average’


Drake, who once professed his love for Rihanna and admitted that he has been in love with her ever since he met her, apparently now thinks that she is not special.

It appeared that Drake, 36, is dissing the popstar and the father of her two children, ASAP Rocky, on “Fear of Heights,” one of the songs of his new album, ‘For All The Dogs’.

“Why they make sound like I’m still hung up on you?” Drake seemingly sings to his ex. “That could never be / Gyal can’t ruin me / Better him than me / Better it’s not me.”


He continues, “I’m anti, I’m anti,” which loosely refers to Rihanna’s 2016 album ANTI.

Drake song uses “Gyal,” a Caribbean pronunciation of “girl,” could also be a nod to Rihanna’s Barbadian background, per Genius.

Further in his song, Drake fires some of the biggest diss at his ex: “Yeah, and the sex was average with you / Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you.” He goes on to sing, “And I had way badder bitches than you, TBH / Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave you / Y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antilles.”

Drake would also mention the name “flacko,” which happens to be Rocky’s stage name and nickname.

These possibly sly digs at Rihanna would be the first time that Drake has addressed the lack of relationship between him and his ex. In an interview with Vogue, in 2018, Rihanna had stated that Drake and her do not share a friendship, but they are not enemies, either.