Drake And Sza’s New ‘Slime You Out’ Music Interpretation: Here’s what we think!


Drake, known for his high-profile romantic history, has a discography ranging from dance-inducing tracks to emotionally charged ones. So, where does his latest release, “Slime You Out,” fit in?

In early September, the rapper delighted fans by announcing his forthcoming eighth studio album via Instagram, stating “FOR ALL THE DOGS SEPTEMBER 22.” This came after nearly a year since his collaborative album with 21 Savage, “Her Loss,” and over a year since his last solo release, “Honestly, Nevermind.” However, plans changed as Drake revealed on Instagram Story, less than a week before the album’s scheduled drop, that he was postponing it in order to conclude his It’s All a Blur Tour before its highly-anticipated release.

Despite fans’ disappointment over the delay, Drake didn’t leave them empty-handed. Just days before the postponement, he announced the release of a track from the upcoming album on social media. “Slime You Out,” featuring the immensely talented SZA, dropped on September 15. With two major artists involved, the song was destined for success. Yet, as we delve into the lyrics of “Slime You Out,” it becomes clear that it holds deeper emotional resonance.


Drake and SZA team up for "Slime You Out" single

“Slime You Out” delves into themes of love and past relationships. The term “slime you out” generally implies deception or retaliation for perceived wrongdoing, according to Urban Dictionary. In the song, both artists reflect on previous relationships that ultimately proved unfulfilling. Drake begins by expressing, “You b****es really get carried away / Makin’ mistakes, then you beg me to stay,” addressing his ex’s behaviour. He also discusses her new partner and expresses disbelief that she moved on with someone like him.

In the third verse, SZA takes the spotlight to vent about her own experiences. She sings, “You tell these hoes you ain’t cuddlin’ / But with me, you know you doin’ all that s***/ You tellin’ these hoes you ain’t trickin’ off/ But with me, you know I’m gon’ get it all.” Here, she suggests that her partner was dishonest with others about their interactions. Eventually, SZA conveys that she had to leave the relationship, unable to pretend to be happy with someone of that ilk. Both SZA and Drake express a desire to distance themselves from past relationships that have caused them pain.

While Drake’s romantic history with Rihanna is more widely known, he also once dated SZA. This was revealed in his verse on the 2020 track “Mr. Right Now,” where he rapped, “Yeah, said she wanna f*** to some SZA, wait / ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08.” Although fans were surprised by this revelation, SZA confirmed the relationship on social media, noting the correct year was 2009. The breakup appears to have been amicable, as years later they’ve come together for their first collaboration. Despite speculation, “Slime You Out” doesn’t seem to delve into their own relationship, but rather addresses other past romantic entanglements. In the fourth verse, Drake even recounts a months-long relationship with an ex, illustrating its ups and downs. Ultimately, “Slime You Out” demonstrates that both Drake and SZA have experienced challenging relationships, but this does not include their own connection.