Donald Trump’s Christmas message sparks fest of memes and joke


Social media users cracked jokes and mocked former president Donald Trump after he shared several Christmas messages.

Ron Filipkowski of MediasTouch wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Trump’s festive, heartwarming, devout Christmas message.”

The post included screenshots of Trump’s message from his social media website TruthSocial where he criticized President Joe Biden and other government agencies before wishing his followers a Merry Christmas.


In two different posts on TruthSocial, Trump shared a message to his followers wishing them a Merry Christmas while also addressing many other things he is currently facing, such as multiple trials against him and the upcoming presidential election.

In one of the post, Trump wrote, “It’s hard to have a truly great Christmas when you have a Crooked and Incompetent President who wants to put his Political Opponent in jail, and who has been working hard (for a change!), illegally using all of the levers of Law Enforcement, to do so. We are in the fight of our lives to save our Country from MADNESS & DOOM. MAGA 2024!!”

The post by Trump prompted many to mock the former president, as of users on X wrote, “The Grinch to Donald Trump: ‘Dude, cheer up!” Another shared a meme of Trump as Grinch.