Donald Trump uses toe-pads while speaking at Mar-a-Lago; Picture goes viral with netizens reacting to it


After Ron DeSantis’ alleged heeled boots, now there are Donald Trump’s “toe pads.”

Social media has not taken kindly to the discovery of the two black rectangular pads spotted under the former president’s feet while he was speaking at Mar-a-Lago.

In reaction to it on X, formerly known as Twitter, one account shared his picture and wrote “What is Trump standing on here? How often does he use these?”


Another user joked, “trump toe pads, desantis’ heels – does the Republican Party have a foot fetish?”

“Counter balances the 3-inch lifts in the shoes since he can no longer hold his own weight,” wrote third user.

Several other users shared his photo and compared it to his photos of leaning forward at press conferences, and is now using toe pads to prevent leaning too far.