Donald Trump takes lead ahead of Joe Biden for 2024 US election’s key states, polls show


Democratic President Joe Biden trails Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in five of the six state crucial states exactly a year before the U.S. election as Americans express doubts about Biden’s age and dissatisfaction regarding him handling the economy, as per the polls released over the weekend.

Additionally, finding from the New York Times and Siena College polls released on Monday, showed that if Trump were to be convicted of the criminal charges he is currently facing, his support would erode by about 6%, which is “enough, potentially, to decide the election.”

The former president, who is the frontrunner for the 2024 nomination from his party, leads in Arizon, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, whereas Biden is leading in Wisconsin, as per Sunday polls.


In the all the above mentioned states, Biden had defeated Trump in 2020, however, the current trend shows Trump leading with an average of 44% to 48%, the polls showed.

The polls conducted around 2024 presidential election have showed Biden and Trump in a close race, however, the elections results are typically decided by the outcomes in a handful of so-called swing states.