Donald Trump seeks to pause New York fraud trial


Attorneys for former president Trump are seeking to temporarily pause his civil fraud trail, along with the enforcement of a ruling issued before the trial started that found Trump and his business liable to fraud, until after the has been appealed.

The former president’s legal team submitted a 1,154 page court filing, wherein they stated that Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision has imposed “unauthorized, undemanded, overboard relief” to the New York attorney general’s office, which can result in significant, irreparable harm” to Trump and his businesses.

The filing also mentioned, “Supreme Court clearly does not comprehend the scope of the chaos its decision has wrought.”


Engoron’s ruling, which was issued before the commencement of the trial, strips some of Trump’s business licenses and orders an independent monitor to oversee Trump Organisation. On Thursday, the Judge ordered further scrutiny in Trump’s assets, barring Trump and any other defendants in the case from transferring any assets or creating a new entity to acquire them without disclosure.

Defense attorneys have argued, on Friday, that Engoron had “no rationale or legal authority” to dissolve Trump’s businesses or order any scrutiny.

The attorneys also claimed that the additional directives pose a threat to the “innocent” employees, whose livelihood depend upon Trump’s businesses, suggesting it threatens termination of hundreds of New York employees without any jurisdiction or due process.