Donald Trump fraud trial judge warns of imprisonment over gag order violation


The judge overseeing Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial admonished the former president’s attorneys for a “blatant violation” of a gag order and suggested that violations could result in “imprisonment.”

Judge Arthur Engoron said despite his clear order to takedown a post which was attacking his clerk online, “I learned that the subject post was never removed from the website.”

He added that the post had been on the website for the past 17 days and was removed only last night, which was due to an email. The post was removed from Truth Social right after the court’s gag order but it stayed on Trump’s campaign website,


The judge hinted at serious consequences at the former president.

“I will now provide defendants an opportunity to explain why this blatant violation of this gag order should not result in serious sanctions including financial penalties… and or possibly imprisonment.”

Chris Kise, Trump’s attorney, apologised for the post and said that it was “advertent” to leave it live on what he called a “back page” of Trump’s campaign website.