Donald Trump drops lawsuit against Michael Cohen to happens to testify against him in a criminal case


Donald Trump has dropped a lawsuit he had filed against his former fixer, Michael D. Cohen, which has been seen as an attempt to silence Cohen, who has lately been one of the biggest critics of the former president.

The decision comes just days before Trump was scheduled to be questioned by Cohen’s lawyers. It also comes ahead of Cohen testifying against Trump in an unrelated civil fraud case brought by New York attorney general.

Cohen, who was once former president’s defender, is also a key witness in a criminal case against Trump. A source familiar with the matter claimed that Trump had been unaware of this fact when he filed the case against him.


Trump filed the lawsuit against Cohen in April, which was shortly after he was indicted on criminal charges by Manhattan district attorney, the charges of which were largely based on Cohen’s testimony. That criminal case, the first of the four, involves hush money paid to a porn star.

The decision to drop lawsuit raised concerns as to whether Trump was intimidating Cohen to back off from his testimony, however, the experts have shared that it has not led to witness tampering.