Donald Trump Drops Hints: Melania’s Modeling Career May Be a Thing of the Past!


Melania Trump’s modeling career started in her teens and took off after being discovered by photographer Stane Jerko at a Slovenian fashion show. She worked for various European brands before moving to the U.S. in the late ’90s. Her career continued to thrive, including high-profile shoots like a GQ feature and a Vogue cover before her marriage to Donald Trump.

However, Melania hasn’t done a shoot since the 2016 GQ feature, and according to Donald Trump, she has no intention of returning to modeling. While Donald expressed frustration over fashion media’s treatment of his wife, Melania herself seems unfazed. She emphasized that modeling and magazine covers were not her top priorities.

Despite not actively pursuing modeling, Melania did address her feelings of prejudice as first lady, particularly in relation to not being featured on magazine covers. She stated that she had more important responsibilities in the White House than appearing on Vogue covers.


In 2021, Melania ventured into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), releasing collections based on images from her time as first lady. This move represents a shift in her interests, demonstrating that while she may not be actively modeling, she’s found new avenues to explore.