Donald Trump denies any connection with Sidney Powell post her guilty plea; “Not my attorney”


Donald Trump has denied any connection to Sidney Powell, a lawyer who have not only made baseless allegations of election fraud in 2020, but also recently pled guilty to six charges in Georgia.

The former president took to his Truth Social platform on Sunday, to state that Powell “was not my attorney, and never was,” despite the media reports suggesting otherwise.

He added that she was not authorised to represent him or his campaign in any legal matter.


Powell, 68, confessed last week that she conspired with others to interfere with the election in Fulton County, Georgia, where District Attorney Fani Wills had filed a 19-count indictment against her and other allies of Trump in August.

Further ahead in the case, she has agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors and will also be paying a fine along with writing an apology letter.

Powell came into notice due to her wild claims about the elections, such as saying that she would “release the Kraken” to expose the fraud. She also filed multiple lawsuits challenging the results in different provinces, but none of them succeeded.

Shortly after the election, Trump had tweeted that Powell was a part of his legal team along with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. However, it was later clarified that she was not working for them.