Dolly Parton’s Halftime Show Earns Praise from Tony Romo, Skip Bayless: Stellar Performance at Commanders vs. Cowboys Game


The halftime show during Thanksgiving games has seen its fair share of memorable moments, from Creed’s controversial 2001 performance to Dolly Parton’s recent iconic show at AT&T Stadium, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Dolly Parton, the 77-year-old legend, wowed the audience with her energy and stage presence, dressed in a Cowboys cheerleader uniform as she kicked off her set with the classic hit “Jolene.” Her subsequent performance of several other hits captivated viewers, with many in awe of her age-defying vitality, particularly following Jack Harlow’s halftime act in Detroit, which received a lukewarm response.

Although her choice to perform “We Are the Champions” for the Cowboys raised a few eyebrows, given the team’s lack of playoff success in recent history, Parton’s overall show garnered positive reviews.


CBS commentator and former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo couldn’t contain his admiration for Parton, expressing his delight at her performance and universally appealing charm. Even the ever-passionate Cowboys supporter, Skip Bayless, found himself appreciating Parton’s outfit choice during the show.

Fans flooded social media with praises for Parton, recognizing her ageless talent and entertaining presence, leading some to jokingly suggest her candidacy for president.

Comparisons between Parton’s impressive show and Harlow’s halftime performance in Detroit inevitably surfaced, with the latter receiving a less favorable reception.

Beyond her captivating performance, Parton’s charitable act shone through as she announced a $1 million donation to the Salvation Army, the halftime show’s sponsor as part of its Red Kettle Campaign, highlighting the philanthropic aspect of her appearance.

Parton’s recent appearances, including her rendition of “Rocky Top” at Neyland Stadium during a Tennessee football game against No. 1 Georgia, align with her ongoing promotion of her rock album “Rockstar,” where she covers various legendary rock songs, showcasing her versatility and enduring passion for music across different genres.