Does Zeke die in ‘Attack on Titan?’


In the emotional final episode of Attack on Titan, the anime wrapped up various storylines, including a long-standing conflict between two prominent characters: Levi Ackerman and Zeke Jaeger, the Beast Titan.

The Beast Titan, controlled by Zeke Jaeger, proved to be a formidable opponent for the Scout Regiment throughout the series. Zeke’s ability to speak while in Titan form added an extra layer of fear, making him a significant threat. The first significant clash between Levi and Zeke occurred in Season 3, Episode 54, where Levi, with his Ackerman strength, dealt severe blows to the Beast Titan, showcasing his exceptional combat skills.

Their second encounter took place in Season 4, Episode 6, during the invasion of Marley. Levi once again demonstrated his swift marksmanship, taking down Zeke in record time. This encounter highlighted the ongoing grudge between the two characters, with Levi’s determination overpowering Zeke’s vengeful pride.


In their third showdown, Zeke, realizing he was no match for Levi, resorted to desperate measures, turning Levi’s comrades into mindless Titans to slow him down. Despite the challenges, Levi, determined to end the conflict, brutally defeated Zeke. However, Zeke’s life was spared until the final confrontation.

In the finale, titled “Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2,” Levi and Zeke met for the last time. Zeke, seeking atonement for his atrocities, presented himself as a “sheep to be slaughtered” and sacrificed himself, prompting Levi to fulfill his promise to kill the Beast Titan. Levi swiftly beheaded Zeke, bringing an abrupt end to their long-standing clash and halting the Rumbling.

The finale’s resolution has been somewhat polarizing, given the bittersweet nature of Zeke’s self-sacrifice and Levi’s fulfillment of his promise. The complex dynamics between these characters added emotional depth to the series’ conclusion.