Does Vili Fualaau have a new wife after Mary Kay Letourneau’s death?


As of recent times, Vili Fualaau has been residing in California and appears to be moving forward with his life post-divorce from Mary Kay Letourneau. Despite the end of their marriage, their story continues to attract attention, including through television appearances and interviews, notably following Mary Kay’s passing and the release of the Netflix movie “May December,” based on their controversial relationship.

In one of his appearances on the Dr. Oz show, Vili discussed his thoughts on their past relationship and indicated that he wouldn’t be attracted to someone of a young age, expressing that seeking help would be his course of action if faced with such feelings. He emphasized that he couldn’t be attracted to someone that young as it’s not something he feels drawn to.

Regarding his personal life post-divorce, Vili Fualaau has moved on and has started a new relationship. In 2022, he welcomed a daughter named Sophia with his new partner. Details about Sophia’s mother have been kept private. Additionally, Vili’s daughter, Georgia, shared a welcoming post for her new sister, indicating the family’s excitement about the new addition.


In another development, Vili is soon to become a grandfather at the age of 40, as his daughter Georgia is expecting a baby boy.