Does the ‘Attack on Titan’ end credits scene hint a sequel?


On November 4, fans bid a poignant farewell to one of the best and most popular anime series, Attack on Titan. Despite the emotional farewell, not everyone is convinced that this marks the definitive end of the story. With the vast world crafted by Hajime Isayama, there remains potential for further exploration, leading to speculation about the prospect of a sequel series.

The post-credits scene adds an intriguing layer to the discussion, featuring a young boy navigating the abandoned Paradis Island with his dog. As he stumbles upon a giant tree with a chasm resembling the one Ymir Fritz encountered before becoming a Titan, questions arise about the cyclical nature of the narrative. The boy’s journey into the chasm, accompanied by the sound of liquid within, hints at a continuation of the Titan legacy.

Despite the anticipation kindled by this scene, there has been no official announcement regarding an Attack on Titan sequel series. While the anime’s popularity could draw considerable interest, and the series already encompasses prequel and spin-off arcs, it’s crucial not to interpret the post-credits scene as definitive evidence of forthcoming content.


Eren’s actions in relinquishing the power of the Titans suggest a semblance of peace in Paradis Island, but the narrative hints that this tranquility may not endure indefinitely. A sequel series could potentially delve into the repercussions and challenges faced by the inhabitants of Paradis Island post-Eren.

The conclusion of Isayama’s narrative is rich with social and political commentary, offering insight into the author’s views on humankind. The boy finding the giant tree in the closing moments of Attack on Titan serves as a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of life, asserting that the power of the Titans cannot be entirely eradicated. This cyclical theme aligns with the overarching message of the series, emphasizing the inevitability of recurring patterns of greed, fear, and bloodshed throughout history.

While the post-credits scene may not conclusively tease a sequel series, it adds to the thematic depth of Attack on Titan. Whether it is a commentary on the cyclical nature of history or a subtle hint at potential future narratives, only time will unveil the true implications of this enigmatic conclusion.