Does Susan Sarandon have kids?


Susan Sarandon, a renowned actress in Hollywood, is not just a compelling presence on screen but also a mother to three children who have made their own marks in the entertainment industry. Her children—Eva Amurri, Jack Henry Robbins, and Miles Robbins—have pursued various paths within the realm of acting, directing, and filmmaking.

Eva Amurri, Sarandon’s eldest child, embarked on her acting career at a young age, making her debut in the movie “Dead Man Walking” at just nine years old. Over the years, she appeared in several TV shows like “Friends” and “Californication” and took on roles in comedy and comedy-drama genres. Despite a relatively quieter phase in her acting career, Eva returned to the screen with appearances in her mother’s show, “Monarch,” while also establishing herself as a successful lifestyle blogger. Recently, she announced her engagement to chef Ian Hock, marking a new chapter in her life.

Jack Henry Robbins, the son of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, followed a different path by venturing behind the camera as a director. After gaining recognition for his short films at international film festivals, Jack debuted his first feature film, “VHYes,” in 2020, showcasing his directorial talent. He’s also been actively involved with “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in various capacities.


Miles Robbins, the youngest of Susan Sarandon’s children, has made strides in both television and film. He’s been featured in significant TV roles, such as portraying Mulder and Scully’s teenage son in “The X-Files” revival and a recurring role in Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle.” In films, Miles has displayed his acting prowess in diverse roles, working alongside acclaimed actors in movies like the 2018 “Halloween” film, “The Day Shall Come,” and Bill Burr’s Netflix comedy, “Old Dads,” released earlier this year.

Despite being overshadowed by their famous mother’s spotlight, each of Susan Sarandon’s children has carved their unique paths in the entertainment industry, showcasing their talents and contributing their individuality to the diverse landscape of Hollywood.