Does Matt Rife use lip filler?


Comedian Matt Rife successfully transitioned his popularity from TikTok to a Netflix special, “Matt Rife: Natural Selection.” Renowned for his engaging crowd work and, let’s be honest, striking appearance, a burning question lingers among fans—whether his captivating lips are natural or enhanced.

Speculations abound regarding Rife’s lips, particularly amid the rising trend of celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, and Megan Fox rumored to opt for lip filler procedures. The Cleveland Clinic defines lip augmentation as the injection of dermal fillers to achieve plump and contoured lips—attributes that many believe define Rife’s mouth. This curiosity has sparked its own TikTok trend, a platform where Rife initially gained fame.

During an appearance on the podcast Cancelled with Tana Mongeau, Rife acknowledged having veneers as part of his transformative “glow up.” However, doubts persisted among some commenters, suggesting potential jawline filler and expressing awe if his lips were indeed natural.


The truth regarding whether Matt Rife underwent lip enhancement in his referenced “glow up” remains speculative. People are relying on their own observations to discern the reality. Rife stirred a bit of controversy when he mentioned to Men’s Health magazine that good looks alone didn’t pave his path to success.

In response to Rife’s remarks, commenters on the Men’s Health clip playfully hinted at skepticism. However, Rife shared further insights in an interview with Today, suggesting that his attractive appearance might have made his comedic journey more challenging. He mentioned that people often assume life is easier for someone with appealing features, making it harder for him to connect with audiences.

The debate over whether Rife’s lips are natural or enhanced persists without a definitive answer. Meanwhile, his Netflix special “Natural Selection” stands as a testament to his comedic talent. As audiences enjoy his performance, the verdict on Rife’s lips remains open-ended, leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions.