Does Marjorie Taylor Greene actually think Democrats are putting a hit on Donald Trump?


Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, has recently taken to social media to express her discontent with Republican Speaker Mike Johnson’s actions. In a series of tweets, Greene criticizes Johnson for allegedly not adhering to certain rules, which she sarcastically suggests might include “refusing to act like an adult.” This sentiment reflects Greene’s tendency to favor strict adherence to rules, as evidenced by her support for the prosecution of Capitol Riot participants.

Moreover, Greene expresses frustration over Johnson’s role in funding various Biden administration initiatives and government organizations. While her concerns may appear misguided to some, they highlight her ongoing opposition to certain government expenditures.

In typical fashion, Greene also includes inflammatory remarks about the transgender community and implies negative stereotypes about immigrants in her tirade. Additionally, she makes perplexing comments about the border situation and suggests that investigations into Trump, such as those led by Jack Smith, could result in dire consequences for the former president.


However, amidst her divisive rhetoric, Greene unexpectedly comes to the defense of George Santos, a figure known for his dubious claims and falsehoods. This moment of levity in her otherwise contentious diatribe adds a touch of irony to her overall message.

Ultimately, Greene’s social media posts serve as a reminder of her unwavering support for Trump and her willingness to challenge perceived injustices, even if her arguments are often mired in controversy and misinformation.