Does Kate Middleton have a body double?


Royal conspiracy theorists are having a field day speculating about Kate Middleton’s disappearance, with some suggesting that the Palace is orchestrating a cover-up. Despite video evidence of the Princess of Wales out and about, skeptics are not convinced, pointing out various inconsistencies. Some believe that the Palace is using a body double for Kate, while others question the authenticity of the video itself.

Comments on the video reveal a range of doubts, with many noting discrepancies in the appearance and behavior of the woman believed to be Kate. Some argue that her face looks different or that her body proportions are not right. Others suggest that the video has been altered or that a body double has been used.

Adding to the intrigue is the revelation that the video was supplied by a film producer named Nelson Silva, who happened to be in the area. Some speculate that Silva may have been hired by the Royals to stage the video, further fueling conspiracy theories.


Despite these theories, some observers believe that the skepticism is unfounded and that Kate appeared happy and relaxed in the video. The Palace, meanwhile, seems to be struggling to dispel the rumors, as social media continues to buzz with speculation about Kate’s whereabouts and the authenticity of the video.