Does Jonathan Majors have a girlfriend?


In 2023, Jonathan Majors grabbed headlines not just for his notable acting roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Creed III, and the shelved Disney movie “Magazine Dreams,” but also due to a legal case involving harassment and assault against his former girlfriend and Marvel colleague, Grace Jabbari.

This tumultuous situation drew attention to Majors’ personal life, which had previously been private. Many became curious about his dating history amidst this scrutiny. He made a significant appearance in court, arriving hand-in-hand with a new girlfriend, sparking interest in his romantic relationships.

As of the moment, Jonathan Majors is in a relationship with 42-year-old actress Meagan Good. Their romance began in May 2023, merely two months after the allegations of domestic abuse from Majors’ ex-girlfriend, Jabbari. Good, known for her roles in the DC Universe as the older Darla in the “Shazam!” movies and in the Prime Video series “Harlem,” has been a constant presence by Majors’ side, attending court sessions and public events together.

Before his relationship with Good, Majors was briefly linked to Lori Harvey. His previous public relationship was with Jabbari, which lasted two years before ending amidst controversy. They met on the set of “Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania” in 2021, where Jabbari was working as a movement coach. Testimony presented during the trial depicted their relationship as toxic, highlighting Majors’ manipulative behavior.

Jonathan Majors has a 9-year-old daughter named Ella Majors, residing in Atlanta, Texas, with her mother. Details about the nature of Majors’ relationship with Ella’s mother are undisclosed, and whether they were married or romantically involved remains uncertain. Majors, speaking about his daughter in previous interviews, expressed his commitment as a loving and devoted father. He criticized the American educational system for not adequately teaching Black history to children like Ella, who he described as biracial.

Despite the lack of information about Ella’s mother, Majors proudly shared moments about his daughter’s support for his acting career. Ella was notably unfazed by Majors’ co-star Paul Rudd in “Ant-Man,” leaving Majors astonished and delighted by her nonchalant reaction to meeting the Hollywood star.