Does Donald Trump Wear Makeup?


Donald Trump’s distinctive orange hue has long been a subject of curiosity and speculation, prompting discussions about his skincare regimen and use of cosmetics. Makeup artists, tasked with recreating his signature appearance for TV shows like “The President Show,” faced challenges in replicating his unique complexion. Tom Denier, responsible for Anthony Atamanuik’s makeup for the show, described using a blend of orange shades sprayed onto the actor’s face through goggles, aiming to achieve a Trump-like look, including the peculiar pale rings around the eyes.

Various attempts have been made to recreate Trump’s appearance, including Stephen Colbert’s humorous makeup tutorial likening it to “C-3PO crossed with a glazed ham.” Additionally, Kathy Griffin suggested that Trump’s use of cosmetics was noticeable and distinct, describing his scent as a combination of body odor with scented makeup products on “The Mary Trump Show” podcast.

Despite conflicting assertions, some former administration officials claimed that Trump’s tangerine tinge stemmed from “good genes” rather than cosmetic products. However, others, including former White House aides and insiders, asserted that Trump indeed used makeup. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, recounted an incident where she advised Trump against wearing a mask at a PPE factory tour due to bronzer marks found on the mask’s straps.


Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham recalled an instance where Trump borrowed her powder to address Shine during a speech in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing that his colouring was solely a result of makeup. Grisham revealed Trump’s preference for the Swiss cosmetics brand Bronx Colors, supported by accounts from his former housekeepers and evident in a 2020 photo showing a collar stain matching his skin tone.

Instances, where Trump appeared less tan in public events, sparked speculation about his makeup choices. Some argued that his reduced tan was due to him going makeup-free during a LIV Golf tournament, leading to mixed reactions and critiques about his appearance.

Trump’s makeup routine has been a subject of ridicule and humor in various spheres, with jokes made by political rivals like Marco Rubio during a GOP presidential primary rally and late-night TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, who entertained the idea of Trump hosting a makeup tutorial for a pay-per-view event.

The ongoing debate about Trump’s skincare and makeup practices continues to draw attention and speculation, contributing to his distinctive public appearance and inviting both criticism and humor.