Does Deku really lose his arms in ‘My Hero Academia?’


My Hero Academia has never shied away from pulling at the heartstrings of its fans, and once again, creator Kohei Horikoshi has found a way to keep us on the edge of our seats with the latest development in the series. This time, it’s Deku fans who are feeling the weight of the emotional rollercoaster.

Since the start of the ‘Final War’ arc in February 2022, tensions have been running high as the series delves into its longest and most intense storyline yet. With battles raging between Pro Heroes, U.A. students, and the series’ main villains, anticipation reached its peak for the showdown between Deku and Shigaraki. However, just when it seemed like Deku had the upper hand, a surprise return by All for One brought devastating revelations.

On April 4, a shocking manga panel began circulating online, revealing a bloodied Deku missing both of his arms. While some fans initially struggled to believe what they were seeing, it has been confirmed that Deku does indeed lose both his arms in chapter 419 of My Hero Academia. In a bold move, Deku willingly touched Shigaraki’s hands, believing he could resist the effects of Decay by visualizing his arms within the realm of One for All/All for One. However, his efforts proved futile as the quirk eventually spread, destroying his arms up to the elbows.


While this turn of events may come as a shock to many readers, it’s not entirely unexpected. Horikoshi has been foreshadowing Deku’s loss of arms for years, both through official artwork and within the story itself. Deku has repeatedly broken bones in his hands and arms throughout the series, with warnings from doctors that continued use could lead to permanent damage. Additionally, Horikoshi’s illustrations have hinted at the possibility, with one particularly striking image showing Shigaraki gripping Deku’s arm at the elbow—the exact point needed to activate Decay.

As for whether Deku’s injuries are permanent, there are several potential scenarios to consider. One possibility is Eri, whose quirk may eventually allow her to reverse the damage done to Deku’s body with enough training and control. Alternatively, if Shigaraki were to return and unlock a quirk upgrade, he could potentially restore Deku’s arms, although this remains speculative.

Regardless of the outcome, Deku’s journey as a hero is far from over. He has already adapted to fighting with his legs, and while adjusting to prosthetic arms would take time, he has proven himself capable of overcoming challenges in the past. Ultimately, fans will have to wait for the next chapter of My Hero Academia to see how Deku navigates this new obstacle and continues his quest to be a symbol of peace.