Does Barbra Streisand have any children?


Barbra Streisand, the renowned actress and singer, has experienced a life full of accomplishments and relationships, both in her career and personal life.

Regarding her children, Streisand has one biological son, Jason Gould, whom she shares with her ex-husband Elliott Gould. Jason Gould, born in 1966, has mostly kept a private life away from the spotlight, despite having famous parents. He has occasionally stepped into the entertainment industry, performing alongside his mother on stage and releasing his own album in 2017. Streisand has often been protective of her son’s privacy, understanding the challenges of growing up in the limelight.

Apart from Jason, through her marriage to actor James Brolin, Streisand has become a stepmother to Brolin’s three children from previous marriages. Brolin had two children, Jess and actor Josh Brolin, with his first wife, Jane Cameron Agee. His second wife, Jane Smithers, gave birth to their daughter, Molly. While Streisand doesn’t have biological children with James Brolin, the couple has created a blended family that includes their human stepchildren and their beloved dogs.


Notably, Streisand’s deep affection for her late dog Samantha led her to clone her beloved pet, resulting in two cloned dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. The singer’s love for her furry companions and her willingness to embrace new technologies, despite their cost, has been a subject of public interest.

Overall, Streisand’s family extends beyond her biological son to include her stepchildren, reflecting a blend of love, support, and the joys of a multigenerational household.