Does Aki die in ‘Chainsaw Man?’


The inaugural season of Chainsaw Man drew to a close in late 2022, delivering a mere 12 episodes that left an indelible mark on the anime community. Throughout its run, viewers were kept on edge, their concerns for beloved characters, including the formidable Devil Hunter Aki, never truly abating. In fact, Aki’s destiny appeared to hang in precarious balance, especially when juxtaposed with his fellow Devil Hunters.

In episode 11, a pivotal moment unfolds as viewers are introduced to the enigmatic Future Devil, who imparts an ominous revelation to Aki. The devil asserts its need to glimpse Aki’s future before brokering any contract. As Aki peers into the creature’s form, it forewarns of a gruesome demise that awaits him, halting short of divulging the specifics. The grim turn of events exacerbates when, towards the episode’s conclusion, Aki confronts the Ghost Devil, only for Akane to command its lethal assault. The episode culminates with Aki’s eyes closing, leaving viewers grappling with the looming possibility of his prophesied demise.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

Regrettably for many fans, Aki meets his end in Chainsaw Man. Although he manages to navigate through the entirety of the first season, his fate is inescapable, mirroring the events in the manga. However, the method of his demise by strangulation at the hands of the Ghost Devil is not the pinnacle of brutality this universe has to offer. It serves as a harbinger of something far more harrowing awaiting Aki.

Aki’s relentless pursuit of the Gun Devil eventually leads him down a dark and irreversible path. The Gun Devil, responsible for the annihilation of millions, including Aki’s own family, resurfaces in a catastrophic attack on a Japanese town, targeting Makima. In a desperate bid to shield her, Aki sacrifices himself at the hands of the very entity he sought vengeance against.

To compound the tragedy, the Gun Devil takes possession of Aki’s lifeless body, transmuting him into the Gun Fiend. Under the malevolent influence of the being he despised most, Aki turns against Denji and Power, his closest companions, whom he had cared for since the outset of their journey. In a heartbreaking turn, Denji, left with no alternative, confronts the Gun Fiend in a battle that culminates in a fateful decision.

As Aki faces off against Denji, a poignant recollection of his final memory with his family before their demise emerges. In a poignant twist, he envisions Denji standing in place of his brother, tears streaming down his face. This poignant moment underscores the profound impact Denji has had on Aki since their initial encounter, ultimately eroding his resolve to fight. Faced with no other recourse, Chainsaw Man makes the heart-wrenching choice to vanquish the Gun Fiend, marking Aki’s second and final demise.

In a world steeped in death, few characters endure the profound trials faced by Aki. Nevertheless, the narrative of Chainsaw Man propels forward, scaling new heights of success with each passing day.