Dodi Fayed’s Alleged Ex-Fiancée Kelly Fisher Embraces a Normal Lifestyle


The narrative surrounding Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and his ex-fiancée, Kelly Fisher, amid the portrayal in Season 6 of “The Crown” has stirred discussions and controversies. While the show delves into the circumstances leading up to Diana’s tragic death in 1997 and the purported engagement between Diana and Dodi, there are significant discrepancies between the show’s portrayal and the actual events.

In the series, it’s depicted that Dodi proposed to Diana with a custom-made ring, sparking rumors of an impending engagement. However, according to Vanity Fair’s Julie Miller, who contributes to the podcast “Still Watching,” these events might differ from reality. The ring in question, costing only $11,000, raises doubts about its intent for an engagement. Miller points out that Dodi had previously gifted Kelly Fisher a more extravagant $200,000 diamond, suggesting that if there were plans for an engagement with Diana, Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, likely would have chosen a significantly more expensive ring to align with his aspirations for royal acceptance.

Following the end of her engagement with Dodi, Kelly Fisher’s life took a stark turn. Transitioning from a life of luxury, which included yachts, private planes, and expensive jewelry, Fisher now lives a more ordinary life in South Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her engagement to Dodi abruptly ended after he started dating Princess Diana, a shift that significantly altered Fisher’s lifestyle and prospects.


Reports indicate that Fisher was unaware of Dodi’s involvement with Diana until paparazzi photos of the couple on a mega yacht surfaced. Fisher claimed that Dodi ended their engagement over the phone following this public exposure. She subsequently hired lawyer Gloria Allred and filed a lawsuit against the Fayed family, alleging breach of an agreement that entailed her leaving her career to be with Dodi. Fisher sought compensation for lost earnings and other expenses related to their alleged agreement.

However, after the tragic car crash that claimed the lives of Diana and Dodi, Fisher decided to drop the lawsuit as a sign of respect for the Fayed family’s immense loss.

The intricacies and controversies surrounding the relationships and legal actions between Dodi Fayed, Kelly Fisher, and the events leading up to Diana’s death continue to be a subject of interest and speculation, particularly in light of their portrayal in popular media like “The Crown.”