Doctor Who The Star Beast ending explained!


In the Doctor Who episode ‘The Star Beast,’ the narrative unfolds with the Doctor’s unexpected reunion with Donna Noble, who now has a family. Simultaneously, an alien crash-lands on Earth, triggering chaos and the pursuit of the alien by Wrath Warriors.

Rose Noble, portrayed by Yasmin Finney, is Donna Noble and Shaun Temple’s daughter. She’s a teenager with a penchant for crafts and faces the challenges of being transgender. Despite support from her parents, she often feels isolated due to bullying at school.

A mysterious alien, Beep the Meep, crashes on Earth and encounters Rose. Donna discovers the alien’s presence, but it turns out that the seemingly innocent Meep is a deceptive intergalactic warlord. Pursued by the Wrath Warriors, the situation escalates.


It’s revealed that the Wrath Warriors are peacekeepers pursuing the dangerous Meep. The Meep, intending to launch its repaired starship into space using an engine that endangers millions of lives, holds the Doctor, Donna, and her family hostage.

The Doctor attempts to disable the ship’s engine, but a barrier separates him from Donna. To save everyone, he must restore Donna’s memories, a dangerous act that could cost her life due to the Time Lord energy within her. Donna, willing to make the sacrifice, agrees to regain her memories, recalling her past experiences as DoctorDonna. With this knowledge, she helps shut down the ship’s engine, ultimately saving London.

In a surprising turn, Donna survives the surge of Time Lord energy, which disperses out of her and her daughter, Rose. By releasing the energy, they free themselves from its effects, reversing Donna’s tragic fate seen in ‘Journey’s End.’

As the danger subsides and London is saved, Donna and Rose emerge unharmed. The Doctor offers Donna a final trip, but an unexpected mishap propels the TARDIS into another adventure, setting the stage for further escapades.

The episode not only reinstates Donna’s character but also introduces Rose Noble, offering a resolution to Donna’s earlier storyline and setting the stage for potential future appearances.