Doctor Who specials: Who is Beep the Meep’s boss?


In the Doctor Who episode ‘The Star Beast,’ the character Beep the Meep poses a question regarding the identity of its mysterious boss, leaving fans curious and eager for answers. Speculations arise regarding the possible identity of this enigmatic figure.

With confirmed information that The Celestial Toymaker is set to be a primary antagonist in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, it’s plausible that this powerful and manipulative entity could be pulling the strings behind Beep the Meep’s actions. The Celestial Toymaker, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, is described as a character possessing immense power, humor, and malevolence by Russell T Davies (RTD), adding weight to the theory of this character being the Meep’s boss.

While the Master, a notorious Time Lord and recurring Doctor Who villain, could feasibly be linked to various disturbances, it’s considered less likely in this scenario. The overuse of the Master as a recurrent antagonist and the desire to introduce fresh narrative directions might deter from attributing the Meep’s boss role to the Master, as it may seem too predictable and familiar.


Another intriguing possibility is the introduction of a completely new villain to the Doctor Who universe. This hypothetical character could serve as a reference point for upcoming storylines, potentially appearing during Ncuti Gatwa’s tenure as the 15th Doctor in future Doctor Who seasons. This approach would create continuity between the specials and subsequent seasons, generating excitement and fan speculation.

Each theory presents compelling arguments, with the Celestial Toymaker being the frontrunner due to the confirmed involvement of this character in the upcoming anniversary specials. However, Doctor Who is known for surprising twists and turns, so the true identity of Beep the Meep’s boss remains an intriguing mystery, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future revelations and surprises in the Doctor Who universe.