Doctor Who specials: The Wrath Warriors explained


The Wrath Warriors, featured in Doctor Who’s recent special “The Star Beast,” might appear as entirely new extraterrestrial entities to the series, but their connection with the Doctor runs deeper than it seems.


Introducing the Wrath Warriors in Doctor Who’s “The Star Beast”

While Doctor Who boasts an extensive array of iconic alien species, the Wrath Warriors have now joined the ranks of these diverse creatures within the series. Despite making their debut on TV in this recent episode, the Wrath Warriors hold an intriguing history intertwined with the Doctor. Here’s an overview encompassing their origins and their significant role in the latest Doctor Who narrative.


The Wrath Warriors embody an intergalactic police force comprising tall insectoid warriors who engaged in a conflict with the Meeps subsequent to the Meeps’ annihilation of the galactic council.

Their confrontation with the Meeps spanned across the cosmos, marking a prolonged and harrowing war. As the conflict ensued, the Meeps chose death over surrender, leaving only one survivor, the leader known as Beep the Meep. It was this singular remaining Meep that the Wrath Warriors pursued, ultimately culminating in its spaceship crash on Earth’s surface.

Despite their formidable appearance, the Wrath Warriors exhibited a seemingly violent demeanor while wielding stun guns. Their aim was not to annihilate but to apprehend the fugitive Beep the Meep alive, intending to imprison it for its crimes. Eventually, with the assistance of the Doctor and at the cost of some Wrath Warrior soldiers’ lives, they succeeded in capturing Beep the Meep.

The Wrath Warriors originally emerged in the 1980 comic strip titled “Doctor Who and the Star Beast,” the very source material inspiring the episode “The Star Beast.” The televised portrayal of the Wrath Warriors in this episode mirrors their depiction in the comic strip almost identically.

While these unique entities have been referenced in select audio dramas, their appearance in this recent episode marks their canonical debut within the Doctor Who series. Their striking design and distinctiveness have left a lasting impression, fueling intrigue and a desire among fans to witness more of their presence in future Doctor Who narratives.