Doctor Who specials: Shirley Anne Bingham explained


Shirley Anne Bingham emerges as a noteworthy addition to the Doctor Who universe, introduced by Russell T Davies, the acclaimed showrunner known for his adeptness in creating iconic characters within the series. Ruth Madeley portrays this intriguing new figure, making her debut in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special.

Shirley Anne Bingham is depicted as a scientist affiliated with UNIT, the organization encountered by the 14th Doctor during the analysis of Beep the Meep’s crashed spaceship. Notably, she aids the Doctor, Donna, and Donna’s family in their escape from the steelworks compound, utilizing an array of gadgets integrated into her wheelchair, including darts and missiles, to assist in their endeavors.

While she is a fresh character introduced specifically in ‘The Star Beast,’ it becomes apparent that Shirley Anne Bingham is familiar with the Doctor, having formed her opinions about him based on his reputation. She perceives him as somewhat smug, fortuitous, and occasionally excessively intervening, yet fundamentally a force for good. Demonstrating remarkable innovation and confidence, she holds the position of one of the many scientific advisors within UNIT, precisely the 56th. Her depth of knowledge about the Doctor is evident from her familiarity with his files and his history of regenerations.


Regarding her future appearances, viewers can anticipate seeing Shirley Anne Bingham return for at least one more installment, as indicated by footage seen in the specials’ trailer. There’s speculation and potential for her character to persist beyond this, perhaps becoming a recurring figure throughout Doctor Who’s upcoming season 14 and potentially evolving into a companion for the Doctor. However, these are just speculative possibilities at this point.