‘Doctor Who’ Season 15 Begins Production!


Ncuti Gatwa is gearing up for his debut as the Doctor in the upcoming season of Doctor Who. The fifteenth series of the modern revival of the classic show has officially entered production, promising to take the Time Lord on new and unpredictable adventures. With a universe in constant need of assistance across time and space, the Doctor remains the one hero capable of tackling challenges with a blend of compassion, intelligence, and, when necessary, assertive action.

While the fourteenth season has yet to premiere, the roadmap for the next era of Doctor Who is beginning to take shape. To mark the 60th Anniversary of the show, the BBC will release three special holiday episodes featuring the return of familiar faces. This mini-arc will serve as an introduction to Gatwa’s interpretation of the Doctor, setting the stage for the fourteenth season’s debut in 2024.

A decade after his last portrayal of the character, David Tennant is set to make a comeback in Doctor Who’s special episodes, scheduled to air later this year. The Doctor’s decision to once again assume Tennant’s visage will be a central mystery explored in the upcoming episodes. However, Tennant won’t be the sole returning actor from the show’s history. Catherine Tate will reprise her role as Donna Noble, the charismatic companion whose memory was erased to spare her from a tragic fate.


Throughout the Doctor’s many regenerations, human companions have been a constant presence, offering support on journeys through time and space. For a Time Lord who has witnessed centuries, the presence of humans serves as a poignant reminder of the preciousness and fragility of life, while also acting as a safeguard against the Doctor becoming an unyielding figure wielding immense power. Gatwa’s incarnation of the Doctor will be joined by Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), emphasizing the importance of using the TARDIS to aid those in need.