Do the Forgers find out each other’s secrets in ‘Spy x Family?’


Ah, the enigmatic Forgers—a family shrouded in secrecy within the world of anime. One might assume that a family so seemingly perfect would have no hidden depths, but such is not the case for Loid, Yor, and Anya. These central figures of Spy x Family captivated audiences not merely with their charm, but chiefly due to the clandestine lives they lead.

The narrative revolves around Agent Twilight, a highly skilled spy who constructs a fabricated family known as the Forgers for the sole purpose of executing a mission. This task involves infiltrating an exclusive private school, proving to be a far more challenging endeavor than anticipated.

Right from the outset, we are introduced to the layers of secrecy these characters safeguard from the world and each other. We bear witness to the entanglements they each bring along, yet our fascination is unwavering. Amidst the myriad adventures they find themselves embroiled in, concealing their true identities becomes an arduous task for the Forgers. Nevertheless, if there’s a common thread binding this fictitious family, it’s their adeptness at subterfuge.


The Forgers harbor profound secrets that define their roles in Spy x Family. Loid Forger, also known as Agent Twilight, operates under WISE, a clandestine organization dedicated to maintaining peace between the neighboring nations of Westalis and Ostania. Yor, donned the moniker Thorn Princess, serves as an assassin for the Garden, a covert group under the command of Ostania’s shadow government. Given the nature of their professions, discretion is an inherent necessity.

Then there’s Anya, a foster child gifted with the extraordinary ability to read minds. While her origins remain veiled in mystery, we know that Anya fled from the organization that endowed her with these powers, subjecting her to experimentation. Presently, Anya keeps her extraordinary gift under wraps, dreading the label of peculiarity and the prospect of returning to an orphanage, or worse, to the enigmatic organization.

As of now, Anya Forger is the sole family member privy to the others’ concealed identities. Thanks to her mind-reading prowess, Anya uncovered her parents’ clandestine occupations upon their initial encounter, a revelation that filled her with delight. In fact, it was the child who orchestrated the union of Yor and Loid, exhilarated at the notion of having an assassin and a spy in her life.

While the manga has surged ahead of the anime, it appears that familial harmony is not on the immediate horizon. The essence of Spy x Family hinges on the guarded secrets between its principal characters, making it challenging to envision a swift reveal.

Speculation arose that this revelation might transpire in the second season, but thus far, it remains unfulfilled. Instead, the season predominantly delves into the evolving and deepening relationship between Loid and Yor.

While witnessing Loid and Yor navigate a transformed dynamic after unearthing each other’s true selves holds undeniable intrigue, it seems more likely to unfold towards the narrative’s culmination. For now, the Forgers shall persist in their deceptions on our screens, and that’s precisely how we relish them.

Part two of Spy x Family is presently airing every Saturday on Crunchyroll, with part one also available for streaming on the platform. Furthermore, a cinematic rendition, titled Spy x Family: White, has been confirmed for release on December 22, 2023, promising a fresh perspective on the Forgers’ enthralling tale.