Do Kaz and Inej get together in ‘Shadow and Bone?’


Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” has garnered widespread acclaim as one of the most cherished fantasy series in recent memory. Despite its deviations from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels, the arrival of season 2 propelled the show to the top of the charts, becoming the most-watched TV series in multiple countries. Given the series’ already devoted fan base, this surge in popularity is hardly surprising.

In this latest season, we witnessed the beloved group of rogues, the Crows, embarking on a mission to dismantle Pekka Rollins and later, in pursuit of the Neshyenyer blade. Amidst quests for vengeance and the salvation of Ravka, romance found its way into the story, much to Kaz Brekker’s apparent reluctance. Kaz and Inej’s relationship received significant development, though fans were ultimately left yearning for more.

Throughout season 2, viewers gained insight into Kaz’s struggle to confront his traumatic past with the Crows and grapple with the toll it had taken on his mental well-being. Regrettably, his severe PTSD and aversion to physical contact continue to hinder any romantic pursuits with Inej, despite his fervent desire to do so. This culminated in a poignant moment in the season finale where Kaz mustered the courage to confess his feelings, only to be met with Inej’s need for more from their connection.


With newfound freedom, Inej embarks on a fresh adventure independent of the rest of the Crows, accompanied by Mal, Tamar, and Tolya. Towards the conclusion of the season, eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice a subtle suggestion of a potential new romantic interest for the Wraith, leaving the audience pondering the implications for Kaz and Inej’s future.

For fans rooting for Kaz and Inej to become a couple, it may be disheartening to learn that in the original Grishaverse books, they don’t end up together, a contrast to another beloved pairing. Despite their evident affection for one another, the two never share a kiss, and their individual emotional baggage ultimately keeps them apart.

However, it’s worth noting that the Netflix adaptation may choose to diverge from the source material, as the show has demonstrated a willingness to make such changes. Inej’s departure from the Crows to search for her brother occurs much later in the books, implying that if a third season of “Shadow and Bone” is greenlit, the Wraith may find her way back to her team. This could mark the beginning of a new chapter for Kaz and Inej, giving fans reason to remain hopeful.

Both seasons one and two of “Shadow and Bone” are available for streaming on Netflix.